In the last post, I introduced Kristina Walsh, biotechnologist, trance medium and SFN Radio host. In this post we’ll learn more about Kristina’s amazing life experiences and metaphysical training.

Can you describe your first clairvoyant experience? How did you feel and what did you do with the information that was given to you?

“I would say the first experiences was waking up from a dream or nightmare, and having a knowing that I was okay, and that it was okay to go back to sleep. I was “talked to” in those moments, that it was okay, and I was given tips to try next time I “woke” up in a dream, something like… I can run away from whatever it was after me, or create another dream within the dream in that moment.

Other times, I also would wake up in the middle of the night, and I would know there was a presence in the room, and while I felt scared, I just started talking to ‘it.’ I wasn’t scared after I started talking to it. It was not a ghost, just probably a spirit guide. I don’t remember those conversations anymore. I never mentioned it to my parents, but I could have, they were really open about spiritual topics, and I could have told my grandparents too. I am really grateful for them, and this was an awareness I had when I was about four.

As I got older in school, my sister, another school friend and I were picked to be voices of The Peanuts. I had a compete dream about it all the night before, and even upon waking I knew what was going to occur, and had no doubt it would happen, and it did happen exactly like the dream, the announcement over the loudspeaker to come to the principals office, and riding in the producers car, our parents being called, my dad picking us up and the room with all the buttons and microphones, etc. I was so fascinated and it just felt right. But it wasn’t until my later radio experiences that it all made sense. The Spirit stories are really much longer than we realize. We all want to manifest things out of thin air on the fly. But it’s such a grace that we get time to let it all unfold.”

What prompted your enrollment in the Berkeley Psychic Institute and what did you learn there?

“In college I had this ‘event’ that I still don’t know what exactly happened, but I was flat on my back for three days with an energy vibration I did not understand. I was in the dorms so there is a lot of energy going on, it could have been any energy passing by, and this was in 1987, just after the harmonic convergence. I was able to talk to a college counselor about it, but realized that it wasn’t a psychological or an emotional issue.

I knew I needed other help, and I probably could have gone to the priests at school, but instead, I found a Berkeley Psychic Institute near by and in my first reading I was told several times that I could just sit in my chair and not jump over to the reading line and read myself. It was pretty funny. It was a recognition of not only what the readers were doing, they read as a group in the student readings, but I understood both parts, the reading and the readee, and that this was sacred space.

In that reading it was like something just clicked. I just had soaked up some energy that walked past me, and it was so different from mine, I just felt heavy and drained. That doesn’t happen anymore after so many years, but we do live in a diverse universe filled with lots of energy that will be new to us. So, at the time, it was a little bit unnerving…now it seems like the norm.

The BPI experience began in 1987, getting readings, taking a few meditation and healing classes. Later, I signed up for the Clairvoyant program and Graduate programs and then the Teachers Program between 1993-1997. What I learned there really allowed me to understand what my own process was energetically. I wanted to jump in the clairvoyant program in college, but they wouldn’t let me (thank you Joel wherever you are!).

Everyone has their own song, and it’s just a matter of figuring out what is your preference, and how you are going to sing that song. The BPI way of doing this is one way, just like any other system of education. But I think between my college experience and BPI, I understand how I learn now. And how I can create or build on spiritual and life experiences. I am less about discarding something that seems out of date. Energy-wise I just put it on a shelf in what I call my spirit library. It might be why we have so many types of libraries all over the planet.”

Tell readers about your training at the Arthur Findlay Institute! What was the most memorable experience from your time there?

“In 2007, I finally got to Stansted but that was after a Hay House Conference in Toronto where John Holland talked about it, and I took another one day course with him in Boston, thinking maybe that will be enough….and realized that I had to work on this aspect of myself….when other folks teaching with John Holland for the one day workshop sit next to you, you know you can’t hide anymore!

I did also do a small group circle with John Holland too, later, which was awesome. He is really amazing. He called me out when I walked in the door too, but I still tried to hide. I know that must sound funny. So it’s John Holland that got me to go to Stansted. He called it boot camp for spiritualism and he was right. Every person who has recognized that they have a spiritual self goes through that space of deciding, no matter what kind of class… Is this going to change me? Is it going to rock my world? Can I handle this new aspect of me? Will this enhance or disrupt my life? And after a while you just decide… oh well, let’s just see what happens. It’s one thing to take a meditation class and work on things privately, but with mediumship there is that part of actually sharing what you are receiving or experiencing… and you got to know yourself.

I have so many great memories of Stansted, you are learning from the moment you decide to go, in dreams, in the travel, in the people you meet, from the front desk, to the folks you have dinner with, to people you see in the halls between classes or group meetings. There were some people I worked with only in the class exercises, and some I only talked to during dinner or another meal. But it was 120 psychics, trance mediums, all relieved and happy to have found others similar so to speak. But the most remarkable thing is that everyone was figuring it out, instructors, to students. They all have their little tips and tricks to manage energy, and they take it seriously and understand that there is the rest of the world to include in that psychic space.

The classes are seven days, and you sleep and eat there, you really get to retreat from the world, but there is a TV room, and rooms with a couple of computers to check email etc. which I think I did once. The energy is set to experience the connection with spirit. They only let you take three classes in a row, because after a while you need the rest of the world. There is a little museum, a couple of great rooms, a big hall where some of the bigger lectures are. It was invigorating, and yet, if you had to just stay in bed all day to integrate stuff, no one bugs you about that. There is an understanding that we all have our own timing. There were some folks that ran around looking for spirits and orbs at night, taking pictures. I was too busy having wild dreams. Oh, and there is even a little bar in the basement, where this whole other spirit scene happens. I took an Experimental Trance Class, only because I figured if I am going to the UK, I should take something that I have no clue what the course description is, but once I was there it didn’t matter to me what the class would have been about. During the day you have a big lecture, then break off into your small group for two sessions, then at night another big lecture or seance in the library. The folks that were in my small group are still some of my best friends to this day. In the small groups it’s about encouragement, and letting spirit come through.

I had what I would call a ‘transfiguration experience,’ where the being come through, I felt my face change, cheek bones move around, and it felt all awesome!! And while I couldn’t talk out loud, I was communicating/the being was communicating, and it was like an amplified voice, in this telepathic way, (my words fail me here), I was in the background, and the being came through and was giving healings to everyone in small group. It was great. When you fade into the background of the trance medium space, you as a spirit are doing all sorts of other stuff, and there is this other group of spirits I was hanging out with. I am still very fascinated by this.

In a private sitting (reading) I was called out to use my fifth chakra more, and when I got back to the States, it was maybe days and I was talking to a radio producer booking another medium for a show spot, and the producer asked if I would be interested in being interviewed. I still exclaimed…Who me? But it was only weeks after Stansted and I was on an AM radio station in San Francisco. That’s all thanks to tutor Mavis Pattila from Stansted.

So, I learned a lot, I learned that I know for sure, how to figure out my psychic space, I don’t need to be scared I am doing it wrong or the energy I might work with will be scary. We are just so ready to embrace fear sometimes, instead of: Wow, look at that energy! What if I had approached my spiritual space with wonder first?

After Stansted I stopped fighting with fear about mediumship and other psychic things. And now I sit in my own circle, or with others. If a whole New Orleans Jazz group shows up, I am cool with that, I just listen to them play. If Winston Churchill shows up, cool! What’s up dude? I guess I stopped regulating my own spiritual experiences, and started enjoying them. Mediumship had always come to me through so many spaces…music, automatic writing, clairvoyant visions, things glowing, beings I could see showing up—but it only grew after Stansted because I finally stopped the arguing with myself. What if this is the normal people talk about?”

You work a lot with color and sacred geometry in your energetic work. What can you suggest to those who are just beginning to explore these frequencies? How might they play, interact, or see these energies?

“Well, I would say that shapes talk to us. Colors talk to us. Numbers talk to us. We can call them sacred if we want to.

If circles are everywhere for you right now… they seem to pop out, just see what the circle is saying. Maybe the circle is on its way to forming a star shape. Is the shape calling things in? Communicating? Or sending out an energy? Shapes, or sacred geometry, talk to the human body; see where you feel it in your body.

You can do the same with numbers. If you keep seeing 11:11, ask where is that talking to you in your body? Are those numbers speaking that they form a 4? Like the four directions?

Would you enjoy sitting in a sacred circle honoring the four directions? Would that feel good to your body? What story are you telling yourself with what you see and experience around you?

I believe that any of these things, even colors, are communication, and we can have a great time with it all. We can create new experiences for ourselves, new manifestations. What if today was purple day? What if on purple day, it’s a great day for shopping for you, or a great work day, or a great day to see friends?”

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You can also catch Kristina in the next post, where she’ll talk about her role in biotechnology, her radio show, and the new energies of 2013.

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